L's Oilery

Health & Beauty
Woman Owned
L’s Oilery was started to fill a need for our family with a natural remedy. While on this quest, I found great joy in creating products using plant based ingredients and helping others benefit. A hobby that turned into a business benefiting many along the way.
My mom would be happy I have followed what she taught me on our little farm growing up, "Use what you grow."
Growing, raising and maintaining L's Oilery is a family effort. We raise our own bees (all named “Uncle Kent”) and harvest the honey and wax. We collect our chamomile flowers at that perfect harvest time when the petals are faced ‘sunny side’ up. We hand pick the lavender buds, dry them, and diligently stir them daily as we patiently wait the 8 weeks for infusion to occur.
Each plant is harvested in such an exciting & unique way. Needless to say, we love and enjoy what we do at L’s Oilery!