Water Distribution
Woman Owned
1204 N Sevenoaks Pl
Eagle, ID 83616

Family owned and operated since 1990. IDAH2O CRYSTAL SPRINGS is located in the beautiful remote Mountains of Owyhee County, Idaho. The artesian geothermal spring contains an 8.6 pH, Silica and Alkaline in its natural state, is low surface tension and contains rare-earth minerals. The mineral water is not altered and remains in its natural state and environment while it emerges from a natural artesian geothermal spring at 126 degrees Fahrenheit. Bottled at the source using natural pressure and delivered directly into your bottle. The mineral water assists with increasing oxygen levels, activates the human system, increases your energy and slows down the aging process. It assists with blood circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes cell hydration. Improves gut health, digestion and metabolic functions. It promotes collagen formation, enhances skin suppleness and promotes longevity. At IDAH2O CRYSTAL SPRINGS, we are dedicated to providing you, and your customers, with the highest quality of artesian geothermal spring water.