Huston Vineyards

16473 Chicken Dinner Rd.
Caldwell, ID 83607

Huston Vineyards is nestled in a corner of vast farmland, an area with a long, rich agricultural history. The four distinct seasons give way in the spring to blossoming fruit orchards, vineyards and 100 different crops. Our long summer days and dry, cool nights extend into the fall season, providing the optimum harvesting bounty.

The rich, volcanic soil of the Snake River Valley is thousands of years in the making. The area’s farming history is a century-plus success story, with sunshine in abundance, dry, arid conditions, yet with ample water for irrigation from our extensive storage systems. Vineyard plantings in the area took hold in the area around 50 years ago, and the viticulture designation was established in 2007. The relatively young wine region continues to expand, with soil, climate and elevation on par with some of the very finest wine regions worldwide.

“Terroir”, the French term that has no English-language equivalent, is considered the force of a regional character, and the force reveals itself in the area’s best wines. The aroma, texture, and flavor reflect the specific grape variety. There is a complex combination at work in growing the fruit on the vine—involving the soil composition, topography, climate, and other environmental factors. All these nuances of the grape’s particular origin come together, and in the classic tradition of wine making, with patient oak-barrel aging—these nuances of origin are enjoyed right in your glass. Some call it the personality of place.

Here, the warm days ripen the fruit, and cool nights conserve tannins and acids—creating fruit-forward wines with complex structure. Well-draining, rich, volcanic soil and ample water are both key to superb conditions. Along with the positive factors of this environment, you will find the collaboration of dedicated growers and passionate winemakers. We are immersed in the ancient, fascinating process of growing fruit, from bud break to a fermented pour—and love sharing it with our visitors. Huston Vineyards is the perfect entry point to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail. We welcome you to our winery, where you can enjoy our wines in an unpretentious farm setting that is as inviting as the expansive shade of our towering Locust tree. It’s a place with lots of heart, enriched by the sun.