Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Breweries & Brew Pubs
Woman Owned
2455 Harrison Hollow Ln.
Boise, ID 83702

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse. “The Hollow,” was given the moniker by local patrons, and has been a North-End favorite for years. Originally opened as the Brass Lamp (“Mother Lamp #2”) by Rod “Toad’ Davidson, & Chas Allan, in 1968, it came full circle three decades later when the building was purchased by Toad from Nat Adams, the original builder, in 1999.

The exposed wooden rafters were part of the old BSU stadium, and are now home to one of the most extensive collections of coasters, or ‘grog doilies’ in seven western states. Locals, extreme athletes (and moderates), hikers, skiers, Mtn. bikers, beer enthusiasts – hand crafted, quality beer being their aim – have come from around the world to enjoy our award winning brews and hand fashioned fare.

We seek the finest ingredients for our menu, including fresh baked artisanal breads and non-hormone riddled meats. Our killer soups don’t come from plastic tubs, and our hand cut fries are really hand cut. Our diverse clientele come from all walks of life – with one thing in common: to get a delicious down home meal, a lovingly crafted beer, and to have it served up by people who genuinely care that their clients/customers/friends have the best experience and best possible product in a warm & friendly place. Every time.